Donald Trump Takes Rick Perry to an Actual Restaurant

Donald Trump (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton)
Donald Trump (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton) Photo: Stephen Lovekin

When Sarah Palin breezed into town in May to dine with fellow spotlight-hound Donald Trump, the two broke crust at Famous Famiglia, an Albanian-owned chain at the bottom rung of New York's pizza hierarchy. So when it was Rick Perry's turn to pick The Donald's brain over dinner last night, where do you think they ate? A White Castle? A Middle Eastern food cart?

Perry huddled with Trump, who aborted his own bid for the GOP nomination earlier this year, at the real estate mogul's eponymous Trump Tower for more than an hour before his host whisked him off to dine at Jean-Georges Restaurant, a highly-rated — and highly priced — eatery located in another Trump building overlooking Central Park.

No word on exactly what the power couple sampled, but the menu is a long way from the chicken fried steaks that are a culinary emblem of Perry's home state. According to an online menu, a $98 prix fixe menu gives diners the options of ordering dishes such as Fluke Sashimi with Floral Infused Cherries, Carmelized Foie Gras, and Crunchy Rabbit.

Yikes. Uh, don't worry about that Sarah Palin. Trump probably just, um ... forgot ... about ... Jean Georges ... when you came.

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