DSK Says Attempted Rape Was Really Attempted Kiss, Will Appear on TV


Back in his homeland after avoiding a rape trial here, Dominique Strauss-Kahn reportedly told police that he tried to kiss 32-year-old author Tristane Banon back in 2003, according to L’Express, but did not attempt to rape her as she alleges. In the words of an anonymous official with knowledge of Strauss-Kahn’s most recent police questioning, “he conceded that he had made advances to her, without being very precise about the nature of these advances,” while Banon claims the 62-year-old came at her “like a rutting chimpanzee” and went to remove her jeans until she kicked and punched him. No charges have been filed. Meanwhile, French magazine Le Point reports that Strauss-Kahn will address his Stateside ordeal in a televised interview with journalist Claire Chazal, a close friend of his wife, Anne Sinclair.

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