Gloria Estefan Doesn’t Blame President Obama for Lack of Progress on Immigration Reform


A recent Gallup poll found that President Obama’s support among Hispanic voters has dropped drastically since his inauguration. Only 48 percent of voters in this crucial demographic now approve of Obama’s job performance, a record low. Many Hispanics are disappointed that Obama hasn’t even come close to enacting immigration reform as he’s repeatedly promised to do. But don’t count Cuban-born pop singer and immigration advocate Gloria Estefan among them. “Listen, we need immigration reform,” she told us at the premiere of Follies last night at the New York Marriot Marquis Theater. “I wish that the president had a lot more power than he does, but he doesn’t. This has to be something that Congress, the Senate, and the American people decide, everybody together.” So is Estefan, who held a fundraiser for Obama at her home in April of 2010, still in Obama’s corner, despite everything? “I think that he’s going to be reelected,” she said. “I think that he’s doing a good job.”