House Rejects Spending Bill Needed to Prevent Government Shutdown


In a surprise move, the House failed to pass a special budget measure needed to keep the government functioning after September 30. Though the bill was backed by the GOP, 48 conservatives — many of whom are said to be irritated by House Speaker John Boehner’s recent spending negotiations with President Obama — voted against it, leaving the final tally at 230-to-195. The rejection will force the bill’s Republican authors to submit a new version of their proposal with changes designed to appeal to either Democrats or their own party’s right wing. (The former is holding out for expanded disaster relief funding, while the latter is hoping for deeper budget cuts.) The warring factions are expected to reach some kind of compromise in order to avoid a government shutdown, but the upset suggests this summer’s brand of bickering is likely to carry over into the fall (and beyond, probably.) [WP]