Levi Aron’s Defense Attorney Argues With Trolls on Her Facebook Page

Levi Aron. Photo: T Parisienne/Splash News

After Gerard Marrone left the Levi Aron case because of his uncontrollable disgust for his client, the child murderer's remaining defense attorney, Pierre Bazile, brought on a new partner. Jennifer McCann doesn't have a ton of experience — she opened her own office in March after four years working at a Long Island criminal defense firm — but she's feisty and undaunted by the perils of representing a child murderer. The Times reports:

The death threats and hate mail, she says, have slowed, and she keeps her office door unlocked in defiance. There, Jennifer L. McCann sits behind her desk, wearing leopard print pumps, poised for an argument....

“People assume I’m O.K. with a young boy being murdered because I represent the defendant,” Ms. McCann, 30, said recently in her office in Garden City, N.Y., which she opened in March after four years of practicing criminal defense law for a local firm. “To me, that’s pretty vicious. They have to understand, I’m not all right with people being murdered or with crime. I’m all right with defending constitutional rights."

Since July, McCann has been making this argument on her firm's Facebook page, where she's butted heads with one dude in particular. Here is but a snippet of a typical spat:

Hoo boy. Have fun with that, McCann. If we know Internet debates, this conversation is going nowhere until the end of time.

Defending the Accused, and Herself, With Vigor [NYT]