Jobless Claims Are Lowest Since April, But There’s a Caveat

Photo: Getty Images

The Labor Department reported today that just 391,000 people filed jobless claims in the week that ended September 24. Which is great! That's 37,000 fewer people out of work since the last jobless claims report. The monthly numbers are also good, but less dramatically so: They fell by just 5,250 over the previous month.

Here's the thing, though. The the Labor Department isn't so sure about that weekly number. They're saying the positive numbers for the week might have something to do with "technical issues."

A Labor official said 2011 was an unusual calendar year that made seasonal adjustments harder to calculate. The government's data may also have been affected by recent holidays and several major storms, he said.

So basically they threw up their hands and said, eh, let's give 'em some good news! Whatever, we'll take it.

Weekly jobless claims sink by by 37k to 391k, lowest since April