Joe Biden Doesn’t Believe in Meeting Cute


During a Monday night Late Show appearance, Jill Biden told Dave Letterman that her husband’s well-documented lack of subtlety extends to the romantic realm. As the Second Lady explained, the pair met back when she was a senior at the University of Delaware and the vice-president was already a senator in his early thirties: “Joe had seen a picture of me and [his younger brother] Frank said, ‘Oh, you’ve met her’ and he said, ‘Could you get her number?’” Once Joe got his hands on her contact information (his little brother ended up having to ask one of Jill’s friends for the unlisted digits), he called her up “out of the blue on a Saturday” and said “It’s Joe Biden; would you like to go out on a date?” (They went a movie in Philadelphia.) At the time, Jill was used to dating “guys in kinda long hair and clogs,” so his Hill-friendly look (a suit and leather shoes) took some getting used to, but apparently everything worked out in the end.