Joe Biden Really Just Has a Couple Minor Quibbles With the Onion’s Portrayal of Him


Joe Biden is on the loose as of yesterday. But even before he was officially unchained, the vice-president was giving frank, revealing interviews about administration practices and his ideological formation. Like this one, with Car and Driver magazine, in which we learn that perhaps Amtrak Joe gave his heart away long ago to another form of transportation.

I bought a ’51 Studebaker. My dad thought it was nice and calm, but it had that overdrive, and it was fast. Then I bought a 1952 Plymouth convertible, candy-apple red with a split windshield. I think that was my favorite. I had a ’56 Chevy, then in college I bought a 100,000-mile Mercedes 190SL with those Solex carburetors that never functioned. And I still have my 1967 Goodwood-green Corvette, 327, 350-horse, with a rear-axle ratio that really gets up and goes. The Secret Service won’t let me drive it. I’m not allowed to drive anything. It’s the one thing I hate about this job. I’m serious.

We believe you, Joe.

We believe you, Joe.

Biden also graciously fact-checked the Onion’s portrayal of him as a shirtless Trans Am enthusiast washing his car in the White House driveway against his real-life car-care habits.

So what he’s saying, then, is that the Onion didn’t go quite far enough.

What I’d Do Differently: Vice President Joe Biden — Interview [Car and Driver]