As Bad As Things Are, Americans Still Glad They Didn’t Pick John McCain


The American electorate will never, ever have a chance to vote on Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama, but if it did, it’s pretty clear that Clinton, sheltered these past few years from the recession’s political fallout, would have the upper hand. A new Bloomberg poll shows that 34 percent of American voters believe things would be better right now if Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2008, as opposed to only 13 percent who think things would be worse.

But that sentiment should hardly be an unexpected. Considering how unhappy many people are with the Obama presidency, wouldn’t any half-respectable political figure benefit from Obama buyer’s remorse? The grass is always greener, right? Well, no, actually, not if the grass you’re considering is John McCain. In the same poll, 29 percent say things would be better under John McCain, while 35 percent say things would be worse. Apparently, McCain’s accomplishment-free, unflaggingly crotchety post-election tenure hasn’t helped his standing. Of course, this poll will only make him more crotchety.

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