JPMorgan Executive Bathroom Re-created for Public Use


Sometimes there’s no better way to express oneself than with a little bit of toilet humor. Anyone with some pent up rage at “fat cat bankers” can go have a release down on the Lower East Side, where it’s now possible to take a piss on JPMorgan Chase. Metaphorically! Kind of. The Danish art collective Superflex, known for blowing up cars and flooding a McDonald’s, has a new installation at the ratty Olympic Diner on Delancey Street, in which they’ve replaced the restroom with a replica of the one Jamie Dimon and friends use at JPMorgan headquarters, which they surreptitiously photographed and re-created. “It’s one of the big four, but also the bank that after the crisis has grown most of all — after their heavy involvement in the biggest scandals of the last 15 years,” said Superflex artist Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. “So that is important — to point at them — but also to take that power here, and make it usable.” Someone tell the Occupy Wall Street people; they really need to go.

Take a Whiz on Wall Street: Danish Artists Move JPMorgan’s Executive Bathroom to a Lower East Side Diner [Artinfo]