Justice Might Be Blind, But It Has a Highly Refined Palate


The Justice Department is in a little hot water over its spendy ways: During the twilight of the Bush administration and the early days of Obama, the department apparently routinely dropped exorbitant sums of money on conferences, to the tune of $4.4 million for just ten of them. How’d they spend it? Well, you know when you go to a meeting and there is a huge basket full of pastries that no one eats? At various points, the Justice Department paid caterers $10 for each cookie and $16 per muffin, apparently. $16 per muffin! Were these being sold at a concert inside of an airport inside of a ballpark? Were there real flecks of gold instead of crystallized sugar on top? Does a stripper pop out of it? Or maybe when you pull off the muffin top, there is magically a full plate of eggs Benedict, home fries, and a nice spicy Bloody Mary (unlimited refills) inside? That would probably be an okay expense if so, but otherwise, we’re with the money-counters on this one.

$16 Muffins, and Taxpayers Pick Up the Tab [NYT]