Kenneth Marsh Tried the Old ‘My Other Personality Did It’ Defense


The Staten Island man, who was on trial for swindling investors out of cash via a boiler-room operation, admitted that he did indeed commit securities fraud. He took a plea bargain that will put him in jail for ten years, but not before trotting out the argument that three people inhabit his body: Kenneth Marsh, Little Kenny, and Fred. Fred, it seems, was the guy who committed securities fraud. While there might have been something to it (the psychiatrist who testified said, “There’s a lot of real craziness — real delusional stuff,” including imaginary friends in addition to the multiple personalities) — our prison system is not quite sophisticated enough to send just Fred to jail, so he’s taking Kenneth and little Kenny with him. At least they’ve got each other.

SI man accused of securities fraud reconsiders plea deal [NYP]