Fellating a Reindeer Dildo Nose Worked Out Okay in the End for Krystal Ball


During the 2010 midterms, when six-year-old photos of Krystal Ball, a 28-year-old small-business owner running for Congress as a Democrat, surfaced on the Internet, it seemed like a pretty bad development for her. The photos showed Ball sucking on a reindeer dildo nose and doing other silly things that young people do when they get drunk with friends. Ball was always a long-shot in Virginia’s solidly Republican first congressional district, and, needless to say, the embarrassing photos did not help to catapult her to victory.

But in one of those strange twists of fate, the photos turned out to be the best thing that happened to her campaign. They got her interviews on TV — Ball is not unattractive — which then led to more interviews, which have now led, as the Washington Post reports, to “a freshly inked contract to serve as a ‘contributor’ and go-to ‘Democratic strategist’ on the network,” despite having no political experience aside from the race that she lost by 29 points.

Krystal Ball: From scandal star to professional pundit [WP]