Liberals and Conservatives Apparently Like Exactly the Kind of Foods that Stereotypes Would Lead You to Believe They Like


For instance, Democrats supposedly like fancy, “hard-to-pronounce” pastas, like gnocchi and fusilli, while Republicans prefer easier-to-say classics, like spaghetti and linguine. We’d submit that those pastas would be just as hard to pronounce if you haven’t grown up hearing them, but okay. Liberals like thin-crust pizza. East Coast bias! Conservatives are less likely to think that there’s a meaningful difference between organic and processed food.

But, there’s plenty of common ground. For instance, it seems that both liberals and conservatives like a bacon cheeseburger. (Sorry, vegetarians, but you can still partake in our national love of cold breakfast cereal and strawberry jelly).

No mention of where a Satan Sandwich falls on the ideological spectrum.

You Vote What You Eat: How Liberals and Conservatives Eat Differently [Hunch]