Man Thought Better of Dressing As Bear to Kill Girlfriend, Got Caught Anyway


Clyde Gardner of Malone, New York, was so mad at his ex-girlfriend that he plotted to murder her. But first he was going to have to kill a bear: Gardner “planned to wear the bear hide and claws to attack his ex-girlfriend and kill her, leaving no trace of his foot or fingerprints at the scene of the crime.” He eventually thought better of that deranged idea and proposed an equally outrageous plan in which he would pay a friend $15,000 to slam his car into the woman, and if she lived, “to take a shard of glass and cut her throat.” The friend, sensibly, went to the police, and Gardner, who claimed he was just drunk, was sentenced to prison. He should really be barred from watching Nic Cage movies, too:

Man Who Plotted Fake Bear Attack on Ex-Girlfriend Jailed [ABC News]