Marty Markowitz Says He’s Getting Out of the Game


The Brooklyn borough president reportedly wants to get out of politics entirely once his current term is over in 2013. The 66-year-old can’t run for his current position again, thanks to term limits, but this also means he’s no longer interested in running for mayor. While Markowitz didn’t have the cash on hand that likely candidates Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn do, his popularity in Brooklyn could have made the race interesting. We’re a little sad that we probably won’t get to watch a Markowitz mayoral campaign (or a Markowitz campaign for any other office — Beep for Veep has a nice ring to it, for instance), but Marty apparently is tired of all the hassle.

“He just wants to retire when this term is up and spend more time with his wife and enjoy himself,” one source told the Post. “It’s a right he’s earned.” And it’s true: He’ll now have more time for trips to Europe and junketeering with his lady to his heart’s content.

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