Michele Bachmann Reveals That She Is Not a Doctor, Scientist


In a radio interview today, Michele Bachmann was pressed ever so slightly by Sean Hannity about an anecdote she keeps re-telling that suggests Gardasil, an HPV vaccine that Rick Perry tried to make mandatory for Texan preteens, can cause "mental retardation." Is that an actual side effect of Gardasil?

"I have no idea ... [she re-tells the entire anecdote again for at least the third time] ... I am not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a physician. All I was doing is reporting what this woman told me last night at the debate ... Now, parents are very busy. And for parents to just assume that if the government says their child has to have an injection that it must be good for them, and, so, that's why it's wrong for them to have an opt out policy. It's more prudent for them to have an opt in policy.

You know who else is busy? Voters. That's why it's wrong for a presidential candidate to tell them that Rick Perry tried to infect their kids with mental retardation.

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