Mitt Romney Fails to Charm Tea Partiers


Reportedly, the GOP candidate’s Sunday appearance at a Concord, New Hampshire tea party rally didn’t really win him any new fans. Perhaps it’s because tea partiers like to get a little weird and Mitt Romney is totally not-weird. Case in point: Though he was greeted in Concord with everything from Sharon Angle to a “blunt” tea party symbol of “one stick figure shooting another under the heading ‘socialism’” to a man dressed in a “Flip Romney” dolphin costume, the most Romney could muster was a lame zinger about not being a career politician. (“I spent four years as a governor; I joke that I didn’t inhale.)

Or maybe it was because his ten-minute speech was completely devoid of the words “tea” and “party.” As attendee Jerry DeLemus told Politico, “I thought he’d pander more.” Let’s be fair here, Jerry — he just might not be programmed to do that.

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