Another Facebook Redesign Rocks the Nation

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Life’s certainties now include death, taxes, and people freaking out about Facebook redesigns. Then there are the people freaking out about people freaking out about Facebook redesigns. With the social network’s annual developers conference beginning tomorrow (new buttons for everyone!), the social network updated its look today, sending a very vocal chunk of its 750 million users into a fresh frenzy, as occurs every time something changes on the site. Additions this time include an updated news feed algorithm that displays customizable “top stories,” a floating search bar, and a new “Subscribe” option, as if people were Cat Fancy. There’s also a new ticker in the upper right-hand corner that works like a less-curated, automatically-updating version of the newsfeed, and might as well be called Stalker Helper. Predictably, the Internet responded to the minor shifts the only way it knows how: histrionics and memes.