News Corp. Phone-Hacking Scandal Is Becoming Art Already


An experimental theater in London will become the first to turn the follies of Rupert Murdoch and co. into entertainment, staging a dramatic series based on real phone messages supplied by volunteers:

A group of journalists, theatre staff and audience members have sacrificed their privacy to the dramatic cause, allowing the theatre to listen in to their messages. Once hacked, the names on the messages were scrambled and the transcripts handed out to a group of six playwrights to craft a 10-minute piece of theatre each. ... Some are romantic, inspired by the long, lovelorn messages left by an ex-boyfriend; some work the tapestry of workaday monologues — from a parent, a doctor's receptionist or a colleague - into an impressionistic portrait of modern man; and some touch on the media scandal itself.

Knowing the Murdochs, they'll be coming for a piece of the profits soon.

The hacking saga takes to the stage [Independent UK]