NYPD Officers Forgot About the Internet as They Bumped and Grinded in Uniform


What happens at the West Indian Day Parade does not stay at the West Indian Day Parade. A video showing uniformed cops partaking in some raunchy dance moves has prompted an NYPD investigation — maybe the first in which “bumping and grinding” is the offense. As the New York Post painstakingly reconstructs from the footage, there’s a lot of laughing and clapping as dancers in bikinis pass the officers on the parade route. But it takes a dramatic turn: “The women then back up into the officers’ crotches and rub their buttocks up against them as the cops grind in return, gleefully waving their arms in the air,” the tabloid reports, noting that “an enthusiastic officer” even adjusts his position “to better simulate a sex act.”

The revelry likely wouldn’t be an issue if not for the pall cast over this year’s parade in Brooklyn, which saw nine people shot and two killed on a weekend with 43 total shootings.

Still, one anonymous male cop says it’s no big deal. “It was a happy crowd,” he told the Post. “Everybody was happy and having a good time at that point.” An awkward talk with the sergeant will be less fun, guaranteed.

Here’s the offending clip, which — be warned — features a few butts:

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