NYPD Pepper-Sprayer Hit Fellow Officer With Friendly Fire, Has Prior Protest Complaint


Another angle of the now-notorious video of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna needlessly pepper-spraying a group of corralled Occupy Wall Street protesters shows some surprising collateral damage. As reported previously by one of the women hit in the face, a "blue-shirt" cop standing nearby can be heard shouting, "He just fucking maced us," before wiping his eyes at the 1:30 mark in the clip below.

As for Bologna, it turns out he is facing legal action stemming from the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention, where he stands accused of wrongful arrest and civil rights violations. (Update: In the below photograph by Jim Kiernan, Bologna can be seen arresting a protester on the day of the pepper spray attack.)

Of the NYPD's show of force last weekend, the New York Times reports today:

The police's actions suggested the flip side of a force trained to fight terrorism, in a city whose police commissioner acknowledges the ownership of a gun big enough to take down a plane, but that may appear less nimble in dealing with the likes of the Wall Street protesters. So even as the members of Occupy Wall Street seem unorganized and, at times, uninformed, their continued presence creates a vexing problem for the Police Department.

An anonymous police official confirmed Officer Bologna's identity, telling the Times, "He did his job and now he's concerned for the safety of his family." The Police Department's chief spokesman Paul J. Browne said the pepper spray was "used sparingly."

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