Cops Can Dry Hump the Locals, But Can’t Throw Them a Football


When a handful of police officers were caught on video dancing, grinding, and outright humping some barely clothed women at the West Indian Day Parade over Labor Day Weekend, the higher-ups at the NYPD didn’t see fit to discipline them. Hell, Mayor Bloomberg even insisted that the video “sends the message that police officers are our friends, not our enemies.” But the Daily News reports today that on the Fourth of July last year, four cops on the job at a Bronx housing project were berated by their commanding officer, then penalized two vacation days each, for throwing a football with a 7-year-old kid. According to what appears to be NYPD policy, they should have turned down his request to play catch and offered to have mock-intercourse with his mom instead.

Four cops punished for tossing around football with young boy at Bronx housing project [NYDN]