Someone Told President Obama That He’s the Antichrist


President Obama has experienced his fair share of hecklers, but we don't think any of them have been as close, physically, as the guy last night at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, where Obama was holding a fund-raiser. David Serrano, who according to L.A. officials is something of a well-known local nutcase, was able to scream at Obama from directly below the podium. What was he yelling about? Oh, you know, the usual. Here's a rough transcript:

"The Christian God is one and only true living God! The creator of heaven and the universe! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is still our God! Jesus Christ is still God! You are the Antichrist!"

It was at this point that Serrano was drowned out by the crowd, until, after what seemed like kind of a dangerously long delay, he was whisked away by the Secret Service. Never one to waste an opportunity, Obama then reminded the crowd that he actually does agree with the Jesus part of the rant, because he is not a Muslim, remember?