Police Use Forceful Tactics and Mace at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests


As the Occupy Wall Street protests move into their ninth day, the dust from yesterday’s failed (and unauthorized) march from Union Square to the United Nations building is beginning to settle. What we now know is that approximately 80 people were arrested, which an NYPD spokeswoman confirmed to ABC News. She also mentioned that most were taken in for disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic — the obvious strategy for breaking up a protest sans permit — and that only one person had been arrested for assaulting a police officer. On their end, the group Occupy Wall Street is alleging police brutality and released a series of videos (see below) and photographs showing police officers macing a young woman, pulling another’s hair out, and penning several protesters inside an orange netlike barrier. The group also reports that so far five people have been maced, tasers may have been used, and that at times there have been as many as one cop to every two protesters.

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