Mitt Romney Likes Ronald Reagan

Mitt Romney meets royalty in 2008. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the furious competition between Republican 2012 hopefuls to see who can come up with the most gratuitous reference to Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney is making a strong case for the crown. In his new 59-step jobs plan, which was unveiled today, Romney describes his proposal for a new multinational free trade agreement (emphasis ours):

[T]here is an opportunity to pursue a gamechanging multilateral agreement among like-minded nations genuinely committed to the principles of open markets. As president, Mitt Romney will pursue the formation of a “Reagan Economic Zone.” This zone would codify the principles of free trade at the international level and place the issues now hindering trade in services and intellectual property, crucial to American prosperity and that of other developed nations, at the center of the discussion.

Because why choose a name that actually, you know, alludes to what the thing is?

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