Saif Qaddafi Is More Confident Than His Brother


Saadi Qaddafi might think it’s about time to start negotiating with Libya’s rebel forces, but his brother Saif disagrees. During an appearance on Syria’s Rai TV, Saif vowed to fight until achieving “martyrdom or victory” and urged his countrymen to “attack everyone, day and night, until we clean this country from those gangsters and those traitors.” Additionally, he claimed that over 20,000 loyalist soldiers were prepared to defend his father’s hometown of Sirte, where rebels are expected to attack on Saturday unless there is a surrender. Though Saif said he was not aware of his father’s location, he told his audience that the colonel was “fine.” And, as if to assure viewers of his intention to stick things out, he let them know that he’d had a lot of caffeine: “We are fighting and we are drinking tea and drinking coffee and sitting with our families and fighting.”

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