Sarah Palin Knows What You’re Doing With Your Baby Oil, and She Doesn’t Like It


We can’t vouch for the veracity or substantive importance of Joe McGinniss’s new Sarah Palin book, but damn it, is it ever entertaining. Via Politico’s Playbook, here’s a story told by an unidentified Palin houseguest:

‘I get real dry in the winter,’ the houseguest tells me, ‘so I keep a bottle of baby oil by the bed. I’ll come out of the shower, put it on, and go to bed. One day, when we’re staying at the Wasilla Lake house, Todd says, ‘I gotta talk to you guys. Sarah’s pissed. She found that big bottle of baby oil in your bedroom and she knows you guys are rubbin’ it on yourselves and havin’ sex.’ My husband was like, ‘She uses it on her skin, dude.’ But Todd says, ‘Sarah wants you out. She’s really upset thinkin’ you’re in there having sex with baby oil.’ We left. We went to a motel.”

The best part about this story might not even be that Sarah Palin couldn’t fathom a non-sexual use for baby oil. It’s that she sent Todd to kick the couple out. What was that she said once about cojones?

What Sarah Palin found in her guest room [Playbook/Politico]