Long Island SAT Cheats Busted in Fraud Scheme


It seems a bit incongruous to handcuff a guy who’s awesome at taking tests, but that’s what happened on Long Island yesterday when a college sophomore was arrested for selling his SAT skills. Sam Eshaghoff, 19, is charged with using fake IDs to take the college entrance exam for at least six students from Great Neck North High School, scoring 2220, 2210, 2180, 2180, 2170, and 2140 out of a possible 2400. Five guys paid Eshaghoff between $1,500 and $2,500 for his smarts, while a woman with a gender-neutral name “did not make a cash payment,” the Post reports. High-school officials matched low GPAs with high SAT scores to find the culprits after hearing rumors of the scheme. While the kids involved haven’t been named on account of their ages, we’re pretty sure we saw Chuck Bass pull this exact stunt.

‘Hire’ ed. cheating scandal [NYP]