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South Slope 49-Year-Old Is Very Good at Holding a Full Mug of Beer Outstretched in Front of His Body

Juarez, right, dominates.

In fact, Rogelio Juarez, a busser at Fort Green's Der Schwarze Kölner, is one of the best in the city in the competitive sport of Masskrugstemmen, in which participants try to hold a full mug of beer parallel to the ground in front their bodies for as long as possible. After winning the Brooklyn title on Tuesday night by lasting five minutes (the world record is nineteen minutes), he's headed to the national championships on September 17 in Central Park. Apparently, Juarez's secret is that he ... often carries around full mugs of beer. "I only hold it for my job," he tells the Brooklyn Paper. "I don’t practice." [Brooklyn Paper]

Photo: Stefano GiovanniniBrooklyn Paper