Surely Rick Perry’s Job Has Nothing to Do With Increased Donations to the Nonprofit His Wife Works For


Anita Perry makes $60,000 a year as a fund-raiser for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. That salary is paid from the pool of money that she helps raise for this very worthy cause. Perry is quite effective as a fund-raiser: In her first year at the job, “major” donations jumped by $100,000! All came from lobbyists, government contractors, and people who had also donated to Rick Perry’s campaign efforts. What a weird coincidence! Another coincidence: Between 2004 and 2009, 70 percent of the $634,500 in donations the group reported to the IRS came from donors who had links, in one way or another, to Anita’s husband Rick. In fact, those who gave to Anita’s nonprofit gave a total of $2.77 million to her husband Rick over the five years in question. How wonderful that all those people just so happen to care deeply about preventing sexual assault! Wouldn’t it be lucky for them if Anita just so happened to mention their generosity of spirit to her husband?

Anita Perry’s salary comes indirectly from governor’s backers [Austin-American Statesman]