Tampa Strip Clubs Very Excited for Influx of Conservative Activists

Photo: unknown

The GOP chose Tampa as the location for their presidential convention next August because it resides in a key swing state. But also: Strip clubs! So many strip clubs. In a story that seems like it appeared about eleven months too early, the Huffington Post reports that Tampa's adult entertainment venues are giddily anticipating a boom in business during the convention:

A few blocks from the Penthouse Club, another strip club owner, Joe Redner, said has high hopes for what the convention means for business at his all-nude club, Mons Venus. "I'm guessing we'll make five times as much in a night as we usually do," Redner told HuffPost. "Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people," he said.

Shhh, Joe Redner! These people can easily hold a grudge for an entire year.

Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention [HuffPo]