Hot Tips from Local Treasure Hunters


Do not be fooled by stereotypes about the metal detector-owning population. According to Mike McKeekin of Long Island's Treasures Unlimited, untold riches are indeed hidden just beneath the surface of New York City's many beaches. As he told the Times, "Any treasure hunter who says he or she has not found much should never be trusted." Also, this:

“Coney Island — well, people have been losing jewelry there since the 1830s,” he said. “Brighton — you have a lot of Russians who like to wear gold; same with Manhattan Beach. Orchard Beach does a lot of volume, and more volume means more jewelry...We tell everyone we’re digging pennies, and we’re laughing all the way to the bank.”

Plus, it turns out that Hurricane Irene stalled the traditional end-of-summer treasure quest by dragging tons of extra sand ashore; McKeekin and his cohort are are now stuck waiting for the wind to blow it away. Annoying for them, but good news for anyone now interested in parlaying his surprisingly compelling trade secrets into a new side income.

After the Storm, a Treasure Hunt [City Room/NYT]