The Post Office Goes Negative


In an effort to revamp its own floundering business model, the United States Post Office is unveiling a smear campaign against e-mail. They're releasing a set of ads that emphasize the possibility of digital hacking, reports theWashington Post.

“A refrigerator has never been hacked,” an announcer says in the first message as an actress pins a paper bill to her fridge.

In the other ad, a smiling letter carrier is seen walking her route while an announcer reminds viewers that hand-delivered messages ensure that “important letters and information don’t get lost in thin air, or disappear with a click.”

Yeah, nothing ever gets lost in the mail. And there is nothing more secure than sticking a paper envelope in a small, unlocked box in front of a house and walking away, after all.

With historic losses looming, Postal Service launches new ad campaign [WaPo]