Where and When Will You Time Travel to When Time Traveling Definitely Happens Soon?


Scientists at CERN say they've observed neutrinos (a kind of sub-atomic particle) traveling faster than the speed of light.

The CERN research institute near Geneva said measurements over three years had shown neutrinos pumped to a receiver in Gran Sasso, Italy, had arrived an average of 60 nanoseconds sooner than light would have done — a tiny difference that could nonetheless undermine Albert Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity

This is a big deal. If it's confirmed, it could change physics forever. It could even mean ... time travel?

"Light speed is a cosmic speed limit and it exists in order to protect the law of cause and effect," said [Manchester University physics] Professor [Jeff] Forshaw.

"If something travels faster than the cosmic speed limit, then it becomes possible to send information into the past — in other words, time travel into the past would become possible..."

What! That's crazy!

" ... That does not mean we'll be building time-machines anytime soon though — there is quite a gulf between a time-travelling neutrino to a time-travelling human."

Shut up! Wow. Time travel. Happening any moment now. We better start thinking about where (and when) we'll go. Personally, I'd go back to when I was 14, a couple of minutes before my first kiss, and whisper to myself, "Don't bite her tongue."

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