Upper East Side Condo Taps Into Private-School Agita


How to sell a condo in this market? With the frenzy over private-school admissions reaching fever pitch and application deadlines looming, a recent marketing salvo by sponsors of the Azure, a luxe condo on East 91st Street, is some form of genius. (The development’s within sprinting range of Spence.) They teamed up with the networking firm Divalysscious Moms — apparently it’s for “well-heeled and fabulous moms” — and invited residents and neighborhood parents to the building’s $5.686 million, three-bedroom, three-and-half-bath penthouse to hear experts share their intel on testing and the applications process.

Panelists included admissions guru Dana Haddad, and Victoria Goldman, author of the Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools, arguably the bible for private-school-seeking parents. A recent New York Times article has Haddad urging parents to “be honest about who their children are.” Does this mean it’s okay to admit that one’s progeny finds those minimally decorated blocks sourced from ecofriendly trees farmed within twenty miles of the city boring?