Barbara Walters Grills Dick Cheney: ‘Was the Iraq War Worth It?’


Former veep Dick Cheney stopped by The View today to promote his “head-exploding” memoir and to show Barbara Walters and the ladies the cords protruding from his chest, which keep him alive, even without a pulse. Babs seemed genuinely interested in the robot-heart talk, but clearly wanted Cheney to get serious on her couch, launching into a laundry list of consequences of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. “I hate people who say ‘With all due respect,’” Walters said, “But with all due respect, Mr. Cheney, it’s hard for me to understand that all of this was worth it, just to get rid of Saddam Hussein,” to applause from the audience. Cheney follows with a (somewhat predictable) four-minute-long answer, which Joy Behar sighs and rolls her eyes throughout (So what? Who cares?) while Cheney’s wife Lynne waits patiently to be the first to offer resounding applause. Watch the clip here.