Some Actual Unemployed People Share Their Thoughts on Obama’s Speech


Almost all of the commentary you hear about President Obama’s jobs plan will come from people who have jobs — pundits with jobs, politicians with jobs, economists with jobs, journalists with jobs, bloggers with “jobs,” and so on. What about those who have the most at stake in the success or failure of Obama’s proposals — the unemployed? We reached out to a few of them to find out what they thought of the speech. Here are their (admittedly not very ideologically diverse) reactions:

Abby; New York, NY; 28; Democrat

Cheryl; Brooklyn, NY; 39; Democrat

Taylor; New York, NY; 26; Democrat

Diane; New York, NY; 57; “Independent but usually votes Democrat”

I believe the president understands the situation, however, he is still trying to compromise with the Republicans about spending (hence admitting that certain programs need re-hauling). On the other hand, whether we are Democrat or Republican, the infrastructure and education system of our country need to be improved and if the government along with the private sector agree to work together, then jobs will be created.

Brandi; Austin, Texas, by way of New York; 36; Democrat