Woman With Shopping Cart Walking From San Francisco to NYC


Catherine Li is trekking by foot to New York City from San Francisco for no reason. "I just felt like walking," said the 24-year-old, who moved to the United States from China ten years ago. She has a cell phone, a tent, and a "tattered 52-page direction guide printed off Google Maps, hand-bound with string," all of which she pushes in a shopping cart — which she says she didn't steal, but asked for nicely. There doesn't appear to be a gimmick — no blog, Facebook, Twitter, or sponsor — but there is a self-enforced code of ethics:

"To be honest, I did take a few rides," she admitted. "One time, a policeman escorted me out of a certain area at night, but the next day I asked him to take me back to the same spot. I don't want to cheat."

She's not walking back, though. That would be ridiculous.

Cross-country quest on foot leads traveler through Bucks [MSNBC]