Some of the ‘53 Percent’ Are Apparently Unaware That They Are Actually the 47 Percent


In response to Occupy Wall Street’s claim to represent the “99 percent,” Red State blogger Erick Erickson has created a Tumblr called “We Are the 53%,” meaning the 53 percent of Americans who pay income taxes. As Intel Jon described yesterday, “Erickson’s feed features conservatives proclaiming their faith in their own hard work, boasting that they pay taxes, and castigating the freeloaders living off their effort.” The problem with this is not just that the 47 percent pay plenty of other kinds of taxes, such as payroll, state, local, and sales taxes. It’s that some of the contributors to the 53 percent Tumblr are not actually in the 53 percent — that is, they don’t pay income taxes, either! Some examples include the homemaker, the unemployed person, and, most especially, the dog.