Alec Baldwin Is Not a Supporter of Ron Paul


Alec Baldwin — media critic, chicken farmer, and possible mayoral candidate — made his way down to the Occupy Wall Street protests the other night. It’s pretty clear that Baldwin, a liberal Dem, wanted to like what was going on there more than what he actually saw. He’s been tweeting a lot about it ever since: The visit seems to have brought out a little bit of his inner Jack Donaghy (“Arbitrary, or even considered, attempts at defining ‘acceptable’ levels of income disparity may lead 2 Chinese style socialism. U want that?“) or maybe it’s the criticism protesters have lobbed his way for his gig doing TV commercials for Capital One. Below, watch Baldwin defend capitalism (though not the SEC), clarify emphatically that he will not endorse Ron Paul, and refer to his walking-talking tour of Zuccotti Park as being a little like a Woody Allen movie. (Was that a pitch?) Our favorite man-of-the-people moment is when Baldwin brushes off a question by saying that he’s busy talking to his bodyguard.