Alec Baldwin Is Impressed With Two Thirds of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters


Alec Baldwin recently joined the long list of liberal-leaning celebrities to make the pilgrimage to Zuccotti Park, where, according to one video, he spent much of his time fending off questions about abolishing the Federal Reserve. So when we spotted him at Elton John’s AIDS benefit at Cipriani Wall Street last night, we asked him his impressions of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. “To be honest,” he told us, “what I’ve been saying is that one third of them are informed and passionate, one third of them are just passionate, and the other third are a little loopy! They’re just looking around, hanging out. And that’s not just true of Occupy — that could be anything like this in the world. But with most of them, they want to see real reform. They want to see change.” Maybe only a third of them know what that change should look like, but still.