Anita Perry Knows That Real Men Admit Their Mistakes


Anita Perry recently sat down with Parade magazine to discuss her husband and his campaign. First, the fun stuff! Her nickname for him is "Ricky," and here's how she describes him: "I think he’s the most handsome man. And he’s creative, smart, kind, thoughtful." Next up is Ricky's much-discussed 2007 call for a mandatory HPV vaccine in Texas, a decision some believe she influenced. Mrs. Perry maintains that she "didn't know anything about" the measure prior to its announcement, though she was in favor of it:

I’m pro-immunization. I would have supported the vaccine. I do not see it as an opening for sexual promiscuity in any way. I see it as another immunization.

While she admits that the governor mishandled the ensuing backlash ("I wish he’d talked to me first"), Anita also believes that enough is enough:

He’s said he made a mistake. He just wants to get rid of cancer in our lifetime. I don’t know how many other men would admit, “I made a mistake.”

Not to mention one who's willing to cop to being sort of weird when it comes to directions! Is Rick Perry the Perfect Guy, or what?

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