City to Install 1,000 Sexy New Benches (But Not in the Subway)


We’ve always thought that a great campaign promise for someone running for mayor would be more seating on subway platforms. Because everyone has been there: You’re tired from a long day of work/drunk from a long night of drinking, and all you want to do is rest your fat, lazy ass on something horizontal during your interminable wait for a train, but, of course, there’s only like one seat for every twenty people waiting on the platform. Subway benches for everyone! That would win you an election by itself. You’re welcome, Speaker Quinn.

Anyway, the city is not doing that. But they are putting more benches above ground — 1,000 of them, to be precise. They’re sleek and stylish and have little arm rests between each chair so that no homeless person can ever sleep on them.

Here’s Your First Look At NYC’s Flashy New BENCHES! [Gothamist]