Brooklyn Bridge OWS Arrestees May Turn Down Deal to Dismiss Trial


The National Lawyers Guild, which is representing some of the more than 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in early October, says that some people in the group have decided to turn down a deal from the Manhattan District Attorney. The deal was offered to about half the arrestees, who were mostly charged with disorderly conduct. Instead of accepting the offer — in which Cyrus Vance’s office would drop the charges against the protesters in six months if they don’t get arrested again during that time period — they might want to take their chances at trial. “They’re more principled than a random 700 people that you would single out,” explained lead attorney Martin Stolar, on why they’re willing to risk the fifteen days of jail time or $500 fine. Or Martin just thinks he’s got a good case and he’s already laying the groundwork with reporters!

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Wall Street Protesters May Ditch Deal to Dismiss Arrests in Favor of Trial [Bloomberg]