Central Park Carriage Horses Now Have a Proposed Machine Replacement


The burden of horses forced to lug around tourists in Central Park could be lifted by a “faux-vintage electric car,” a $12,500 two-foot model of which made its debut yesterday. The anti-carriage lobbying group NY-Class showed off the white-wheeled, antique-looking car yesterday, and promised, “They’re guaranteed not to urinate or defecate in the middle of your romantic moment.” Each can seat up to six tourists and comes complete with an “ah-hoogah” horn. The proposal would have current carriage owners trade in their licenses for car medallions, with each vehicle costing between $125,000 and $175,000. “I don’t think there are any kids out there that are going to want to pet and kiss the fender of a car,” one carriage-horse stable owner scoffed, but maybe he’s underestimating the appeal of the mythical “ah-hoogah” horn.

Meet the Contraption That Wants to Replace Central Park Horses [City Room/NYT]