Dr. Oz Advises Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Mind Their Ass Hygiene


The Occupy Wall Street protesters may be eating gourmet dinners made with organic ingredients, but their living quarters aren’t quite as swanky as their meals. So last night at the Huffington Post 2011 Game Changers event, we asked the all-knowing Dr. Mehmet Oz if he had any health or hygienic advice for the Occupiers. “They need Chubs,” Oz told us. Noting our blank expression, the perceptive Dr. Oz elaborated. “Do you know what Chubs are? They’re moist wipes for your bottom. That’s what I’d be worried about the most. You don’t have a lot of toilet paper down there.”

It appeared as if Oz had that general region of the human body on his mind last night. Discussing his news-gathering habits, Oz told us about an item that piqued his interest on the Drudge Report, one of his go-to online sources. “Today we found a story about a guy who’s got a 100-lb. scrotum,” Oz enthused. “We’ve already spoken to him. He’s coming on the show.” Seriously? “Aren’t you kind of curious about how that happens? How do you get a 100-lb. scrotum?” Dr. Oz is on the case.