DSK Beats His Second Rape Investigation of the Year


French prosecutors announced today that they will drop their probe into the accusation by French writer Tristane Banon that Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her. According to the officials, Strauss-Kahn admitted during questioning to sexually assaulting (or as he put it, kissing) the woman in 2003, but the statute of limitations on that charge is just three years. On the charge of attempted rape, which carries a ten-year limitation, the authorities said they do not have sufficient evidence. As something of a consolation prize for Banon, the prosecutor’s office said, “facts that could be qualified as sexual assault have been acknowledged.” In Banon’s account, the former IMF head went after her “like a rutting chimpanzee” until she kicked and punched him on the floor.

Paris prosecutor: Attempted rape case against Strauss-Kahn dropped, but he admitted assault [AP via WP]