Expect a New James O’Keefe Video Any Day Now


Although his presence may have been overshadowed by another slightly out-of-place visitor, conservative activist James O’Keefe was rumored all day to be hanging around the Occupy Wall Street protests, no doubt looking to embarrass some zany liberals on camera. The man behind the ACORN pimp probe and the NPR tea party “sting” was spotted wearing a suit and milling about, probably picking a mark. O’Keefe pleaded guilty last year in the attempted break-in of a senator’s office, and the terms of his probation keep him confined to his home state of New Jersey without court approval. Either those restrictions have changed, or this was deemed a special work-related event. O’Keefe’s rising profile (and an impressive online warning call by demonstrators and sympathizers) might make his typical hidden-camera games harder to pull off this time, but that’s nothing a touch of editing magic can’t fix. Stay tuned!

Update: A spokesperson for O’Keefe told Talking Points Memo that a probation officer approved his visit.

James O’Keefe Reportedly Creeping Around Occupy Wall Street [Gawker]