Family of World’s 6 Billionth Person Finds the Honor Pretty Useless


Enjoy today, fraudulent “7 billionth baby” Danica Camacho, because when it’s over, you’ll just be one of countless un-special children inhabiting this increasingly cramped hunk of dirt we call home. Just ask the mother of the world’s 6 billionth person, 12-year-old Adnan Nevic of Bosnia. “I thought the United Nations would be visiting him at least on occasions of his birthday” or at least give him “some kind of scholarship,” she tells Reuters. Instead, “they never came to visit him or asked how he was doing.” Why would they, though? We’re sure Adnan is a great kid and all, but, in reality, he’s just one of hundreds of thousands of other people who happened to be born on October 12, 1999, the day designated by the U.N. as the “Day of 6 Billion.” And that wasn’t even the right day: The U.N. later decided that December 5, 1998, is when the Earth’s population hit 6 billion.